On the road again <3

It’s been nearly 3 years since I made the decision to write a blog, and so many things have changed since post number one. Amazing things, painful things, new things… all things I am grateful to experience! I initially chose to write simply to improve my skills and push me along the goal to become an inspirational speaker. What I’ve found in choosing topics to write about and experiences to share, is that it’s quite hard! I have 1,000,000 experiences and stories to transform into writing, and I want each to be important! I certainly have a story and opinion for everything, and I want each to be explored, challenged, and questioned. Gosh, is it so much to ask for attention in 2020!?

It’s been a year of change and evolution for the world. For millions, it’s been the hardest year of our lives. We are all going through something, and it’s hard to lean on each other when we all need to lean. I think there’s beauty in that. We are all vulnerable, we are all pushing, and we are all facing something very new. Whether it’s been a professional or personal change happening in your life, this year has been the mother of all years. We’ve been forced to stop, rest, worry, plan, pivot, stop again, and let’s face it, keep stopping. Ugh! I am ready to go!

I looked back on that first post, and it seems like ten lifetimes ago. I chose to write to heal, in hopes I might inspire someone else to do the same. As time’s gone on, I realize I’m writing less and less, and living more. I’ve written about pains, dreams, insecurities, ideas, and sometimes just stories of fun. I’ve tried to be as honest as possible, but this year, after spending all those quarantine hours alone, the last voice I wanted to hear was my own. That voice is tough, unwavering, and sometimes unforgiving, but I honor her too.

Ok 2020, we’ve been held back long enough. I just set exciting, new goals to tackle and have nothing but work to do! The next version of me will be a whole new creation. I plan to meet her with acceptance, and patience, and even more forgiveness. Paul McCartney and John Lennon wrote, “The long and winding road led me to your door.” I’m happy to share with you once again, and I hope I can leave behind an idea of inspiration. Honor where you’ve been, and honor the road ahead. If you are lucky, it will be a long one.

Ask and you shall receive… a job in HR.

Are you doing good work? Are you contributing or criticizing? Are you leading by example? Learning from your mistakes? Growing from each moment in your life? I ask myself these questions every day. Every day. I’m not even kidding. These questions, this pressure, the events I’ve been blogging about, and this standard by which I live has brought me to where I am today. Part of where I am is a job in HR. HR. I don’t know if anyone dreams of a job in HR. It’s hard as fuck. It came to me because I refuse to turn down a challenge, and I continually choose a life of education. It is forcing me to grow in ways I did not even ask for.

I realize by writing down all the questions I truly ask myself every day that that is a lot of pressure. I admit I am really tough on myself. I have high standards. I hold the people in my life to those standards too. I often think, “Why would she do that?” “Why wouldn’t he do this?” “Isn’t that situation obvious?” It is even reflected in the amazing conversations I have with the friends I’ve aligned with when they say, “I realize it was a lesson in…” It is reflected in the strength I’ve learned to simply walk away from things that do not serve me as well. But what do you do when the things that don’t serve you are things you can’t walk away from? You evolve.

Ok. It’s been awhile since I’ve blogged. That was perhaps the sloppiest intro I have yet to publish. A thought process unprocessed and just put out there. I’m just going to go with it.

My job in HR has required education through training, reading, experience, and challenge. One of those assignments was to read Brene Brown’s “Dare to Lead”. It took me 9 months into my job to realize I quoted her in a blog post before I even started looking for that second career. I quoted her famous words on vulnerability. “Vulnerability is our most accurate measurement of Courage.” I still love that quote. An important coworker who inspired me to stick with HR led me back to this quote, and I recently stumbled over another Brene Brown quote that is changing my life. “Are you criticizing or contributing?” This question has made it into my daily questions to myself. It is changing the way I see my staff at work. It is evolving my life in a way I am still articulating.

“Are you criticizing or contributing?”

I have thought about this quote over and over again since I read it. It has even crossed my mind at work while trying to understand people and behavior that is so foreign to me. I spoke it out loud for the first time last week. I sat down next to this woman at my neighborhood bar, and she immediately said, “Hey, you voted at the Caucus a couple weeks ago!” We started chatting intermittently as she finished some work on her laptop. We fell silent, and then she turned to me and asked, “Why did you vote?” What an honest, bold question, I thought to myself.

“I was asked to read Dare to Lead by Brene Brown at work, and something she said resonated with me.” I responded. “She said, ‘Are you criticizing or contributing?’ and that really stuck with me.” I continued. “I remember my dad saying, ‘If you don’t vote, how is your voice or your complaints valid if you didn’t speak when it mattered?’ The issues you and I voted for affect my life. I want to effect change. So maybe with my vote, I can do that. Maybe if my voting just encourages even one friend to vote, I suppose we can change the world a little.”

I still can’t believe that came out so poignantly to a stranger at a bar, but what I said is 100% true. I want to effect change. I want to contribute. A large part of why I started this blog was to do just that. With one reader, one friend, one stranger, I believe I can change the world. From sharing my pain, writing about real things, offering an escape or a funny story, I think even a change in me can change the outside world.

It’s amazing how the different faucets of my life, events of my days, two very different careers, and situations I arrive in have intertwined. I certainly did not seek out a job in HR, but I did seek growth. The challenge to grow came. I will continue to ask myself those questions each day no matter how tough they might be sometimes, and maybe, just maybe, along the way I will become the change I so deeply desire to effect.

“There are years to rest, and there are years to hustle. This year is all hustle.”

Happy 11/11! It’s been months and months and months since I last blogged, and today seemed like the day I should let the words flow freely. This year has been a whirlwind, and I’m happy to say the woman I once was has helped build the woman I’m becoming. I have changed my circle, my career, my intentions, and I have found strength and comfort in a brand new life. Whew! In finding those words I realize it really has been a new lifetime time since I last checked in.

I started this year determined to grow in a new direction and get myself on the path to a new future. I have shed friends, belongings, and fears, but one thing I have shed few of is tears. I have been open and honest about grief over my mom’s death, the great impetus for my change, and that honesty to myself and others has been demonstratively healing. I let myself rest when rest was needed, I worked when work was needed, and I even ate when, well, maybe it wasn’t all needed. I experienced new countries, new loves, new jobs, and I now find myself in that new chapter I was determined to get to. It doesn’t happen all at once though, and I haven’t “arrived” at my final destination. In fact, I hope this is all a journey with no end!

So now what? What’s next on the agenda?

I have some major work to accomplish before a big change in my new career. I have office weight to lose to be a little happier. I have 3 shows left before my Christmas break. There’s some fun to be had and great love to be found. Haha, I guess that sums it up.

A month ago, my boss took me out to lunch to go over an extensive list of things I needed to take care of while he was on a three week vacation. After working side by side for only eight months he trusts me as HR leader, Executive Assistant, and pretty much with any hat that’s offered. I admire his respectable work/life balance and leadership. He questioned my balance at that time. “There are years to rest, and there are years to hustle.” I answered. “This is a year to hustle. When it is time to slow down a little, I will know.” Even since that conversation, life has changed, but my faith in seeing the bigger picture remains.

Today is November 11th. Tomorrow is the anniversary of my first new life, the day I was adopted. We call it may Airplane Day because I arrived, not from being birthed, but on an airplane at JFK airport. Today seemed like an appropriate time to reflect and set some new intentions in written words. I guess my life has always been about new chapters. It has always been about big changes. Maybe that is my ultimate destiny: to experience, facilitate, and teach change. Thanks for growing with me. I hope we can all change for the better! Love.

“Success is no Accident.” -Pelé

It has been a few months since my last blog, and I am happy to say I’ve been extremely busy working on me! This time of year has become very reminiscent and important in reflecting on life and setting new goals as I honor my beloved late mom. Last year, I chose to do something outside of my comfort zone to honor her life, and I found myself speaking publicly at an open mic. For someone who thrives outside of her comfort zone, it was scary and exhilarating to feel my heart pound in my chest and hear my voice crack on a microphone. I think my mom would be very proud of me, and in fact, I’m proud of me too!

In the year since that open mic I have continued to push myself and make important changes. It has been a challenging road both shedding things and people who no longer serve me and finding new things and people who encourage my journey. I didn’t (and still don’t) know exactly where I’m going, but I am going full force, full heart, and full steam ahead! In fact, I’m going somewhere so determined I put it in writing.

I love the quote, “A dream written down with a date becomes a goal. A goal broken down into steps becomes a plan. A plan backed by action makes your dreams come true.” So, I wrote down three goals for myself with the help and direction of Teledipity.com. (I’ll elaborate on Teledipity in a future post.) 1. I defined a specific step forward in my career to complete in the next 12 months. 2. I determined a way to break my chains of dependency. 3. I set the loftiest career goal I could dream up and determined the first step to get me there.

I wrote these down in January, and when I focused my energy, I soon found myself working harder than ever in the happiest way. One thing for sure is that great work comes from great effort. In January, I started a new day job. In February, I got promoted. In March, I reached a life long goal of performing for Cirque Du Soleil. As some doors closed, I banged through the next ones, and I am truly seeing the fruits of my labor. In fact, one career overlapped with another, as I worked backstage at Cirque shown in my picture!

My journey has brought me a long way this past calendar year. I consciously feel happier than I have in years. It’s different now than it was years ago though. I have always been a happy person. I used to wake up happy every day and lived an eternal optimist life. Healing and grieving after my mom passed away has taught me to earn that happiness. It has taught me to make that happiness for myself. I remain an eternal optimist though. 🙂

Renowned English novelist Charlotte Bronte said, “Happiness quite unshared can scarcely be called happiness.” With that said, I share this story of growth, hard work, and the beginning of success in an effort to spread happiness. I hope in reading my blog and by being a part of my journey, I have somehow inspired motivation, invoked thought, or maybe even comforted you knowing your struggles are not alone. Perhaps I’ve merely entertained you with my stories or helped you escape your reality with mine. Regardless of how you accept my words, thank you for being open to them.

I’ll leave you with the words of Edson Arantes do Nascimento, better known as Pelé (Brazilian football player, Athlete of the Century by the International Olympic Committee, and one of Time Magazine’s 100 Most Important People of the 20th Century). “Success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice and most of all, love of what you are doing or learning to do.”

Meet ME, the NOW me!

Happy 2019 and Happy 1 Year Anniversary to Successfully Single! Looking back on my year,  I published 16 posts, reached 28 countries, and had 1700+ views! I’m pretty proud of that! After reading 16 posts, I hope you’ve enjoyed following me on my journey, and I hope it brought even a fraction of the light to your lives that it has brought to mine. I’ve had some lovely feedback from friends who learned parts of me they never knew and friends who have continued to encourage me to write when no words were coming to page. Thank you!

As I reflect on my posts since my inaugural publication, I realize I documented a huge internal shift that occurred in my life. Everything seems to have changed for me on the inside, while life remains relatively the same looking on the outside! I suppose the new year always inspires reflection, so I feel obligated to say last year was an important chapter ending, and this year is when I totally kick ass. Haha! I am entering 2019 with so many lessons learned, I look forward to the ups of this year and their inevitable counterparts.

Last night I went out to support my friend’s husband at a show he was hosting and ran into three people whom I haven’t seen in years. Of course the whole, “So how have you been? What’s new?” conversation happened and the standard exchange of pleasantries. On my way home I thought about these conversations and my, “Oh pretty much the same… doing three shows and just being me,” type answers, and I thought about how simple, formal and restrained that felt. Of course each of these friendships shared different depths, but the simple conversations definitely got my wheels turning.

The past three years have been LIFE CHANGING, and nothing remains the same! “Well, my mom died and it started a beautiful shift in my universe, followed by the most difficult years of my life where I kept smiling but had to find a purpose to wake up each day, and now I’m finding my way, ” feels more like the truth! Now there are many people whom I would reconnect with offering a less abrasive version of that, but what I find completely fascinating is how easy it has been to say that to new people! That major event and those feelings have made me who I am today, and when connecting with someone new, he or she is meeting me here- meeting ME now! On a surface level, these are just the facts, and after the facts, we can get down to the real shit!

Last year I shared a 2018 goal of mine: To purge things, habits, and people who no longer serve a purpose in my life. In shedding those items, I’ve learned its counterpart (acquiring things, habits, and people) to be of great importance to whom and what I let in. When meeting new people, the initial reactions to, “My mom passed away a couple years ago,” in casual conversation has proven to be a quick test on how fast and open I can be. I don’t judge anyone for not understanding my loss or experience, but I have learned that that reaction is a compelling component in creating a smaller, significant circle of friends.

I have learned and grown exponentially this past calendar year, and writing this blog has truly inspired me to reflect and keep going. As I journey into the new year, I encourage you to also reflect on how your previous goals were attained and what lessons were learned from the journey. Honor that journey, and set out on a new one!

Thank you so much for your support ❤

A measurement of Courage…

Happy nearly August, Successfully-Single readers!!! It’s been an eventful month in my world and equally for my friends! I’d like to take the opportunity to show those friends some mad respect!

To my sisters from other misters, I’d like to say, “Thank you for being inspirations to me!” As I navigate through 2018, I am realizing the importance of the presence of brave, powerful, feminine energy in my life! Perhaps the absence of my mom here on Earth is an influence on this feeling, but I think the presence of some amazing woman contribute as well! With the risk of sounding like a broken record, life is so full of ups and downs, we need to arm ourselves with a team of supportive people on our side.

In my last blog about honesty in relationships and sex, I expressed the desire to find love while staying honest and true to myself along the way. I think an equally notable part of being honest with ourselves and our partners, is being brave! Oprah Winfrey said, “You cant be 100% committed to someone without being vulnerable to them.” I think dating takes bravery, and bravery takes vulnerability.

Last month I had a whirlwind romance that felt exactly like what I’ve been waiting and looking for. It felt like love at first sight, the end of first dates, and the beginning of forever. (I think it’s safe to say I’m a romantic… ) In the midst of butterflies and sunshine, I distinctly remember a moment when my logical self said, “Slow it down. Things that start this fast always end this fast,” but, who am I to fight the universe?!? So I bravely and purposefully stepped whole-heartedly into new love.

Dr Brene Brown, researcher and psychologist, said, “Vulnerability is our most accurate measurement of Courage.”

Take a moment to breathe that in. “Vulnerability is our most accurate measurement of Courage.”

Dating and love take a lot of courage. I see it in my friends. I feel it in myself. My new love story took a major halt and perhaps the novelette is over, but I have not a single regret. Details aside, I’m proud I continue to be brave along my journey. I am not the only one of my friends practicing vulnerability and bravery daily, and I wanted to share my experience and research to honor their courage as well.

So today, I challenge you to find a place of vulnerability and see how it helps you grow. Whether it is sharing a story, asking for help, taking a risk, going on the first date, etc… only you will know, and only you will be able to measure your courage along the way. Love.

Let’s talk about sex, Baby!

When it comes to sex, intimacy, and sexual desires, how honest are you with your partner? How honest are you with yourself? In this post, let’s explore the ins and outs of sex and the honest truth…

In today’s society, love and sex have commonly become two separate entities: sex without love in the casual dating scene and even love without sex in longterm, committed relationships. I’m not here to judge either, but rather here to explore the the “Why?” factor. So I’d like to explore one reason “why” that I have observed in the last year.

Since the end of last summer, love has been on my mind, and as I mentioned in previous posts, I have been ready and looking for love with that one special person. In these last 10 months, while focusing on my love life, I have abstained from sex, dove head first into the dating scene, and I have been purposefully without intent observing the love lives around me. Now I share very personal details of my own love life to emphasize my subject, HONESTY, and I hope to encourage you to be brutally honest with yourself as well.

Sooo… Honesty! How is it that The Truth can separate sex and love from the various relationships like longterm committed monogomy, open relationships, first dates, and even casual hookups that I’ve observed?? Why is it sometimes easier to tell a one-night-stand your deepest sexual desires while many married couples can’t? Or why do people sometimes feel it easier to tell a best friend what’s wrong with their relationship and not their actual partner? Why does it take a few months when you’re dating someone new to really see someone’s true colors?

When it comes to all these types of relationships, I’ve observed that reciprocated honesty breeds the most successful relationships of all kinds. It is those who can be the most honest, the most real, the most themselves, with a partner who does the same that exist in the safest, most nurturing environments. Those relationships breed pleasure, freedom, love, bonding, and growth.

As I’ve observed this common thread and continued to search and discover what I am looking for, I’ve realized that abstaining from sex has been my honest truth. As I search for something longterm and meaningful, I consciously believe in putting that exact type of energy out into the universe.

So…. First, I offer you an exploration of you own self truth. No matter what type of relationship you are in, you aren’t in, you are looking for, or you desire, how can you be more honest with yourself?? Second, take that honesty into those relationships. And please, if you feel the need, don’t be shy to share with me where you ended up! Love to you all.

Look how far you’ve come, baby!

When was the last time you stopped to take inventory of the amazingness you’ve created in your life? Are you creating a life worth living? Are you living a life worth living maybe twice?

There are so many wonderful things happening in my life right now, and I am so grateful for the bravery, resilience, and fate that guided me here. Recently, on my @SuccessfullySingleBlog Instagram page, I shared a childhood dance picture noting how grateful I am to be going on 30 years of dancing, with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, and 10+ years performing professionally. It’s humbling and empowering to be doing exactly what I set out to do! In my blog, I’ve shared stories about my career, my family, and my adventures, but today, I hope I inspire you to take notice of how far you’ve come by sharing where my adventure began.

I was born in South Korea in 1985, and I was given up by my birth mother as an infant. I don’t know many details about her, or even if what I know is real, but the young woman had a chance to marry and couldn’t be wed with a child. Upon giving me up, I went to an orphanage and soon after to a foster home. While I was being shuffled around Eastern Child Welfare, at the same exact time (on the other side of the world!), my soon to be parents applied to adopt a baby through an organization called Love the Children. Within 7 months of their application, we were placed together, and I arrived a happy, chunky baby at JFK Airport.

My entire life I have always felt that I was born to be a McCartney, and my destiny is here. I feel incredibly lucky to feel this way, as many adoptees do not. I’m blessed with a go-getter attitude, but I am eternally blessed with the best parents and family. They have supported all my dreams and ambitions, all my wild adventures and ideas, and most importantly, equipped me with the confidence to face the world. I am motivated to continue sharing my stories with the goal of making a positive impact in the world. Even if it’s just one person whom I can affect, I will consider my mission a great success!

This blog is just a first step in my long term goal, and I hope my sharing has encouraged you, entertained you, or even motivated you! So I offer you the challenge today to reflect on how far you’ve come, and how far you can dream of going! Thank you for following me on my journey! Love.

Ready, Set, SWEAT!!!

“It is ok to get butterfly in your stomach. The key is to learn how to make them fly in formation.” -Georges St-Pierre

Today in my Facebook memories was a photo of the first UFC fight I attended. If you know me in the slightest way, you have been made aware that I absolutely love the UFC and have been an MMA fan for quite awhile! So in lieu of that particular memory, I thought it would be fun to share with you what has now become known as “The Sweatiest Day of my Life”.

Almost ten years ago, I lived in San Diego and had no interest, knowledge or experience with mixed martial arts. I would often come home and see UFC on the tv and be repulsed by the violent, scrappy, bloody images. I never sat down and watched fights, I never asked any questions, and I even expressed that fighting was not something I wanted to see in my house. Then one day, Georges St-Pierre was fighting. Yup. It was the turning of the page, the dawn of a new era, the moment everything changed. Hahaha! But seriously…

I had never seen a fighter move with his artistry. I had never seen a fighter with such discipline, such grace, such beauty. (I hope you are picking up on this drama.) In my eyes, that man was moving with choreography, and from that moment on, I was hooked. I started watching every fight, learning about fighters’ training and backgrounds, and dreaming about training myself. My love of the arts, the body, athleticism, and discipline was all tied together with this new passion for MMA all thanks to GSP. So naturally, when I moved to Las Vegas, the headquarters of the UFC, my love and knowledge continued to grow and grow.

In 2013, I joined Veronic Voices, a brand new show headlining at Bally’s, starring the very talented, Montreal singer/impersonator Veronic DiCaire. Her team of French-Canadians were both stunned and amused by my love of UFC, and of course, we shared one major interest, Montreal hometown hero GSP. I streamed fights backstage I couldn’t attend, I met fighters who came to our show, and I talked about my hero GSP all the time. It became common knowledge that I was “the dancer who loved MMA”. I suppose often in life we want cool nicknames and taglines. LOL

The following year Veronic Voices headed to Montreal to prepare for a tour. During rehearsals, Veronic’s team teased me that GSP was in town at the same time and maybe we would see him at the unveiling of his wax statue at the Musee Grevin where Veronic’s statue had already been displayed. One day during rehearsals, our boss came in and said, “Should we call it a day and go meet Georges St-Pierre?” OH MY GOD. YES! So we all got changed and ready for the unveiling, and I immediately had heart palpitations and started practicing what to say.

Now let me paint a clear picture of the scene at the Musee Grevin that day. This was Montreal front page news, so there was a limited guest list, the media was there, and we were walking in with another Montreal hero, Veronic DiCaire. As we made it to the event floor, across a sea of wax statues, guests, and cameras, there he was standing on the stage next to the beautiful wax replica of himself, Mr. Georges St-Pierre.

I immediately started sweating and couldn’t remember a single time I had more butterflies in my stomache. “Quick, drink this!” my friend Rebecca said as she grabbed a champagne flute from a serving tray. “You need this.” A moment later, we were shuffled to the front as a Veronic was prepped for her meet and greet. “Who is the dancer who loves GSP?” said a man with a headset, as my boss said, “Make sure you are the one who introduces Shana,” to Veronic. I sweated some more and tried to maintain any composure, any at all. I was so nervous and so excited, and I was staring at GSP from the moment we had walked in. Now let me add a sidenote here and say I had never been nervous enough meeting someone to sweat. I mean SWEAT.

Veronic went up on stage and spoke with GSP and the media took photos of them with his statue. Then, she turned to me, motioned me up onto the stage and introduced me to THE Georges St-Pierre. As if it were a movie in my mind, the conversation went as followed:

“Hello, how are you?” he asked. “Hi,” I managed, as I shook his hand with the biggest smile known to mankind on my face. “It is so nice to meet you!” It continued… “You are visiting from Las Vegas?” he asked. “Yes, I live there and am here rehearsing with Veronic.” He was looking into my eyes, and I was living my best life. “It’s funny that we are meeting here because I know it’s Fight Week in Vegas,” I managed to get out as I continued to blush and glisten with perspiration. “Oh yes, I think I am supposed to go to Vegas in a few days.”

Now, we exchanged a bit more about dancing and the show, but while every millisecond passed by, I was just sweating more and more, as everyone’s eyes were glued on us in the most public, exciting moment of my life. Not only was I meeting my hero, but everyone was watching and making such a big deal over my big deal. Sweat, sweat and sweat.

We took group photos with him and mingled on the stage a bit longer, and then I asked him if I could have a picture together. He said of course and went to put his arm around me. As if in slow motion, I knew he was going to touch my sweaty shoulder, and the moment his hand grazed my wet skin, he promptly replaced his hand on my waist. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. I will never forget that moment. Ever. And thus was born “The Sweatiest Day of my Life.”

I wanted to share this amazing story because not only is it an unforgettable day for me, but also it’s a fun glimpse into my crazy life. So many elements of this story were manifestations I dreamed to life from moving to Vegas, to my job, to the tour, to meeting Georges St-Pierre. I was fortunate to dance for amazing people who helped bring this dream to reality, and today, I have this epic story to prove it! For your personal enjoyment and mine, below are some of the photos from that day… “The Sweatiest Day of my Life”. Keep dreaming, friends!

Shine brightly, baby!

It is fifteen weeks into 2018! The second quarter of the year is happening now! Spring has sprung! The warm weather has arrived! Are you feeling any differently than the first quarter of the year? Have you accomplished some set goals for 2018 yet? Are you working on a better, happier, healthier you??

The truth is, life is happening a lot faster than you just read that opening paragraph. The winds are changing, work is flowing, and time is flying by! I have certainly felt the winds of change, and after some really tough, painful weeks, I am feeling lighter, brighter, newer and happier. A part of me wants to say, “I feel happy again,” but honestly, I feel differently!

The past three weeks were challenging and offered much room for reflection and growth as I navigated through my late mom’s birthday, the anniversary of her passing, and having to put my beloved pet, Mama Bea, down at the animal hospital. Heavy, heavy business in my life, but I have found much light from accepting that this is life… and I’m living!

This is only the second year I’m dealing with the loss of my mom, and I have to say I approached this time very cautiously to protect my energy and heart. I really took note of my thoughts, feelings, and the people whom I chose to be around. I tried new things, held on to important traditions, and made space for needed growth. As I write these words I thinking to myself, “Why don’t I approach all matters of the heart and life with this cautiousness?” However, to be perfectly honest, that’s not my pace, baby! I’ve always been a free spirit, an adventurer, and lover of life, but life has certainly evolved me! I think the older we get we start weening out the dead weight friends, focus on family, continue to climb the work ladder, and everything else becomes frivolous, expendable details. That is where I am now.

Life continues to challenge us, elevate us, and expand our universe, so why not let it?! We are here to live with purpose, and I am certainly finding mine! So today, I offer you the chance to reflect, refocus, and hone in on your purpose. How has the first quarter of the year set up growth for the second? What differences do you wish to see in your energy, universe, and heart moving forward? Remember: “There is a crack in everything. That is how the light gets in.” -Leonard Cohen. Keep pushing forward. You’re on your way, baby!

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