2018 – Loud and Clear!

Happy 2018! Here’s to new goals, new successes, new loves, and the strength to endure their counterparts.

My new year started with some pretty amazing numerology readings, and they are already happening in my life. The first thing to manifest was a car crash! My reading said, “You are now living in the fast lane and are headed for a few major collisions (both literally and metaphorically).” Thanks for the heads up Teledipity.com! Hahaha.

In the last two years I’ve become more and more interested and intrigued with numerology, astrology, spirituality, and faith. It started late 2015 with just a heightened awareness of a shift in my universe. I was suddenly overwhelmed with the notion that my parents were getting older, and I needed to travel to New Jersey as often as possible to see them. I got to spend post Thanksgiving with my Pop that year and Christmas with my Mom. Christmas was quite magical that year, and I have a wonderful memory of my Mom drinking prosecco in my brother’s kitchen saying, “I’m just so happy!”

My Mom passed suddenly 4 short months after that. Her death was the GREATEST pain and change in my life, but I knew it was only a part of the shift I had recognized in my universe that previous year. That memory of my Mom both comforts and pains me – two very opposite emotions that have served as catalysts for the life I’m manifesting now.

I will come back to all that in the future. For now, I offer these explanations for my deeper spirituality and exploration of the unknown. When devastating events happen in life, many ask, “Why?” So I questioned everything outside my whole being greator than any Earthly reason, above and beyond one word answers like “God”, “because”, “life”, “destiny”, etc, and here I am. Maybe you don’t believe in what I believe. Maybe you know my previous self before these events. Maybe you’ve been on this journey with me the whole way. Or maybe we’ve just met. No matter who you are reading this, I offer my story as a welcome to 2018. I hope you continue to join me, and I wish you the strength to chase my new mantra, FEARLESSNESS, and the tenacity and resilience to fully embrace it. Happy New Year, loves.

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  1. Shana, I’m incredibly happy that you created a blog! Looking forward to joining you along the way. May you have a fantastique start to 2018. Je t’aime xo


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