Birthday Love & Love!

Today is my 33rd birthday, and I am overwhelmed by the hundreds of texts, calls, Facebook messages, and love! Thank you everyone! I am determined to have a purposeful and amazing year this time around the sun, and I wish the same to all of you!

Many unexpected events have occurred in my life in last 3 weeks that remind me of life’s delicate cycle and the universe’s meaningful plan. I had a trip to the ER, lost a friend suddenly, spent NYE with Bruno Mars and his band, lost my Grandpa’s ring, attended a UFC fight, crashed my car, my Grandpa’s ring was returned to me, I started a full time work schedule, and then came down with a winter cold. I was beginning to feel a bit overwhelmed by the perpetual downs, but reminded myself they were interspersed with some very exciting and lucky ups. (Not that the pain of losing a friend can be relieved by a UFC fight, for example, but it was a nice break of events.) These were all reminders of life’s roller coaster in a very short period of time, and each event urged me to wake up, become more aware, and gain some much needed grounding.

So here I am! Awake, aware, and grounded! Hahaha! If only it were that easy!!! Well, as I take in all my birthday love, I know I will always be working on me, but I am so ready to be working on an “us”! I am openly declaring my acceptance and offering of FULL LOVE this year, and I am looking for the one. Love has been the number one topic of discussion between my close friends and I in the last 8 weeks, and as mid-November arrived, I openly declared to them, “I am ready to date! I am looking for love!” The best part about sharing that with them, is they take me seriously with those “here she comes!” grins.

So love! L-O-V-E! Insert movie quotes! Que the Hollywood kisses! Send out the invitaions! *Giggle* Like any declaration, goal, or objective, I have a plan. Clearly nothing I’ve done before has brought me to the relationship I desire, so my plan for finding love is to NOT do almost everything I’ve done before. Seriously! Perhaps I could rephrase that more eloquently or cleverly, but I’ll use Einstein’s words, “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

In all of life’s ups and downs, I find myself rushing through everything with a ferocity and passion to be in control. When I lost my mom, I was forced to coast, and I felt like too much was passing by. I am now seeking that perfect speed. Moving forward, I’m determined to proceed at a conscientious speed with the same open heart I’ve always loved with. Whether it be work, play, romance, etc., I’m taking this full-throttle energy and finding a nice first gear. Afterall, 2018 has only just begun, and life will always be a curvy road ahead.

So once again… love! L-O-V-E. I’m ready to learn, I’m ready to try, and I’m ready to be wherever the magic is happening. Thank you again for all of the birthday wishes and joining me on my new blog journey. I look forward to updating you on the wonderful love adventure that I’m manifesting in my life. I hope you are manifesting many wonderful things in your lives in the promise of this great year!



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