“If you don’t takes risks, you’ll never drink champagne.”

As February approaches around the corner, the real 2018 work is about to begin!!! What an exciting thought that is to me.  January is always a whirlwind month as post-holiday excitement boils down and we start to sink into the real opportunities of the year. With just a week before the second month arrives, I would like to share with you two goals I have set for myself in hopes it inspires you to take some risks and make real, positive changes in your life!

“Out with the old and in with the new!” I have already begun to experience a great purge in my life, and I have been inspired by Teledipity.com to continue to purge. (I HIGHLY recommend your exploration of Teledipity.com!) I am making MAJOR, UNCOMFORTABLE changes in my life to make way for a BETTER, HAPPIER, STRONGER ME. I am freeing from my life people who no longer serve a positive purpose, bad financial habits, negative energy about myself, old clutter in my house, and in many ways I am shedding the old Shana to make room for the new Shana. I choose to lose these things from my life not because they are easy to shed, but because I know the value of taking big leaps and facing uncomfortable challenges. I am shedding these things to make necessary room for the amazing changes and developments I have asked the universe for. I challenge you to free from your life things that are no longer serving you as well. Try something small at first, and after that, be honest with yourself in order to let something bigger free!

As I start to release these things from my life, I am also focusing on a wonderful internal transformation as well. As the great RuPaul put it, “If you can’t love yourself, how in hell you gonna love someone else?” My internal transformation has begun with a new love of Hot Yoga! I have committed to a new studio, committed to myself, and have made it to my mat at least 4 times a week since January 1st! I started hot yoga last year in Tennessee, and I absolutely fell in love with the sweating, the challenge, the escape, and the peace it brought, even for just an hour. This year I have already expanded on that and find it trickling over into my everyday life. I am more aware of my energy and light, and I see myself better able to serve the people around me. I am finding a healthier balance of depositing into other people’s bank accounts without emptying my own. Hot Yoga! Start with an internal change of your own and see how you can affect the world!

I quote one of my favorite UFC fighters who before the biggest fight of his career said, “If you don’t take risks, you’ll never drink champagne.” Well, I LOVE CHAMPAGNE, and there is nothing better than a well earned glass of bubbly. I truly believe your greatest accomplishments happen outside your comfort zone, and I hope in sharing my goals for the year, I have inspired you to take some amazing risks and make some serious changes in your life.





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