Commitment to Love. Commitment to the Heart.

The heart is a wonderful, amazing, resilient organ and the source of all love and light. What an amazing statement. I think it’s mind blowing that this beating organ is the source of life for us, and this pulsating heartbeat is the source of all our energy. The heart has been on my mind a lot lately.  Love has been on my mind day in a day out.

Today I spoke with my brother, Sean, who I love so much. I still look up to him like I did when I was a kid, but as adults, our relationship has become even more important through the hardships we’ve faced together and in our own lives. We’ve seen each other win and lose in love, jobs, and home life, and we lost our mom together so recently as well. Over and over again, we support each other through the tough obstacles life has challenged us with, and at the end of the day, I recognize a real shared strength in our commitment to love in our separate lives. My brother’s commitment to love stems from his wonderful son and his tough resiliency to push through all obstacles to provide a beautiful life for my nephew. It’s such a heart-warming inspiration to see my brother be an amazing parent, and it’s a cherished, special kind of commitment to love that I have yet to feel.

My commitment to love has most recently been focused on my love life. I’ve always been an open heart and a lover of love, and heartache after heartache I still remain a true lover. Lately, I find myself a bit frustrated by always putting myself out there and then suffering the pain of not receiving the same in return. I think there’s a strength in being a love risk taker and wearing your heart on your sleeve, but there is also a lot to learn about protecting your heart as well.  I am working on a good balance between the two without growing callus and cold to the pain involved.

It’s crazy the amount of pressure we put on our hearts- the emotional heart and the organ itself.  My mom’s heart for instance was so full of love for her children, but in the end, it was that exact organ that failed her. Still, I remain committed to love. Still, I remain committed to this organ.

So… Heart! Love! Once again I’m writing about L-O-V-E, and I realize this is part of my commitment to love this year. I offer you my thoughts on matters of the heart as a welcome to identify your commitment to the heart, whether emotional or the organ itself. Listen to the pulse of your heart, and follow your love. After all, your heart beats for you and only you, and you are its voice to the world.


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