Be brave with your life!

This Saturday, February 17th, is mom’s 69th birthday. She is no longer here with us on Earth, and if you’ve been following me on my blog journey, you know that her life and loss has been an great impetus for growth and change in me.

To honor the life of my mom and the relationship we had,  I decided to do something that scares me, something truly out of my comfort zone. Tonight, I spoke about my mom at an open mic in Las Vegas called “The Human Experience.” I often take the mic on a well scripted speech at my day job, but never have I spoke openly and freely to strangers about my mom. This was truly a heart-pounder, a “heart-string” puller, and a tear jerker.

As I said tonight, I truly and honestly hope it inspires you to not only cherish your loved ones more while here on Earth, but to also step out of your comfort zone! and GROW!!!!


2018-02-13 01.02.59.png

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