Keep it classy, Woman! 33 and free.

The history of Successfully Single, as stated in my how it started “Birthplace” page, began as a mere idea on single woman stories, and now, relationship status completely aside, it has transformed to what you’re reading now: words, stories & motivations from this place to the next. I love the concept that these are expressions from my life as a “singular sensation” meant to inspire, entertain, and move you… afterall, I am a performer! Today I ask myself this, “How do I walk the line of sexy, sensual, and strong woman without over stepping my ultimate goal of keeping it classy?”

The pure, feminine embrace of womanhood is one of the most beautiful, natural, and exciteable aspects of human sensuality and sexuality. So how do women, and men, today keep it classy, but also indulge in their sexy side? Often, I’ll joke around about being a classy broad who carries herself adorned in pearls, but can drop an f-bomb like my fellow Philadelphia Eagle’s fans. I mean, you can take the girl outta Jersey, but you can’t take the Dirty Dirty outta the girl 😉 (Do people who aren’t from the East coast even relate to that joke?) I kid around, but this is my exact subject matter!

This week I did a boudoir photo shoot for a friend’s new photography site. I had never done a lingerie shoot before and was excited to try something new and out of my comfort zone. The photos, seen below, came out wonderfully! They are creative, fun, provacative and have a varying level of sex appeal. Sex appeal I believe I’ve earned through age, time, and experience, and that exactly is one of the answers to my question. Age and, equally important, maturity is a major factor of keeping it classy.

When I was a competitive figure skater, my mom and coach told me there were somethings you earn with age: experience and the ability to push the envelope. Provocative music lyrics, cuts of costumes, and specific choreographic moves were appropriate or inappropriate not only for my age at the time, but also for the classically conservative sport of figure skating. Know your audience, and know that what you do, how you do it, and what you wear while doing it represents who you are! I believe that is the second answer to my question.

As I navigate through my 33rd year around the sun, I offer you this same question to assess in your own lives, “How do I keep it classy?” I think pure class is becoming a lost art in today’s world, and although the standards of classy are evolving through the ages, how are you keeping class around… or aren’t you…? Enjoy!

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