Shine brightly, baby!

It is fifteen weeks into 2018! The second quarter of the year is happening now! Spring has sprung! The warm weather has arrived! Are you feeling any differently than the first quarter of the year? Have you accomplished some set goals for 2018 yet? Are you working on a better, happier, healthier you??

The truth is, life is happening a lot faster than you just read that opening paragraph. The winds are changing, work is flowing, and time is flying by! I have certainly felt the winds of change, and after some really tough, painful weeks, I am feeling lighter, brighter, newer and happier. A part of me wants to say, “I feel happy again,” but honestly, I feel differently!

The past three weeks were challenging and offered much room for reflection and growth as I navigated through my late mom’s birthday, the anniversary of her passing, and having to put my beloved pet, Mama Bea, down at the animal hospital. Heavy, heavy business in my life, but I have found much light from accepting that this is life… and I’m living!

This is only the second year I’m dealing with the loss of my mom, and I have to say I approached this time very cautiously to protect my energy and heart. I really took note of my thoughts, feelings, and the people whom I chose to be around. I tried new things, held on to important traditions, and made space for needed growth. As I write these words I thinking to myself, “Why don’t I approach all matters of the heart and life with this cautiousness?” However, to be perfectly honest, that’s not my pace, baby! I’ve always been a free spirit, an adventurer, and lover of life, but life has certainly evolved me! I think the older we get we start weening out the dead weight friends, focus on family, continue to climb the work ladder, and everything else becomes frivolous, expendable details. That is where I am now.

Life continues to challenge us, elevate us, and expand our universe, so why not let it?! We are here to live with purpose, and I am certainly finding mine! So today, I offer you the chance to reflect, refocus, and hone in on your purpose. How has the first quarter of the year set up growth for the second? What differences do you wish to see in your energy, universe, and heart moving forward? Remember: “There is a crack in everything. That is how the light gets in.” -Leonard Cohen. Keep pushing forward. You’re on your way, baby!

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