Let’s talk about sex, Baby!

When it comes to sex, intimacy, and sexual desires, how honest are you with your partner? How honest are you with yourself? In this post, let’s explore the ins and outs of sex and the honest truth…

In today’s society, love and sex have commonly become two separate entities: sex without love in the casual dating scene and even love without sex in longterm, committed relationships. I’m not here to judge either, but rather here to explore the the “Why?” factor. So I’d like to explore one reason “why” that I have observed in the last year.

Since the end of last summer, love has been on my mind, and as I mentioned in previous posts, I have been ready and looking for love with that one special person. In these last 10 months, while focusing on my love life, I have abstained from sex, dove head first into the dating scene, and I have been purposefully without intent observing the love lives around me. Now I share very personal details of my own love life to emphasize my subject, HONESTY, and I hope to encourage you to be brutally honest with yourself as well.

Sooo… Honesty! How is it that The Truth can separate sex and love from the various relationships like longterm committed monogomy, open relationships, first dates, and even casual hookups that I’ve observed?? Why is it sometimes easier to tell a one-night-stand your deepest sexual desires while many married couples can’t? Or why do people sometimes feel it easier to tell a best friend what’s wrong with their relationship and not their actual partner? Why does it take a few months when you’re dating someone new to really see someone’s true colors?

When it comes to all these types of relationships, I’ve observed that reciprocated honesty breeds the most successful relationships of all kinds. It is those who can be the most honest, the most real, the most themselves, with a partner who does the same that exist in the safest, most nurturing environments. Those relationships breed pleasure, freedom, love, bonding, and growth.

As I’ve observed this common thread and continued to search and discover what I am looking for, I’ve realized that abstaining from sex has been my honest truth. As I search for something longterm and meaningful, I consciously believe in putting that exact type of energy out into the universe.

So…. First, I offer you an exploration of you own self truth. No matter what type of relationship you are in, you aren’t in, you are looking for, or you desire, how can you be more honest with yourself?? Second, take that honesty into those relationships. And please, if you feel the need, don’t be shy to share with me where you ended up! Love to you all.

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