“There are years to rest, and there are years to hustle. This year is all hustle.”

Happy 11/11! It’s been months and months and months since I last blogged, and today seemed like the day I should let the words flow freely. This year has been a whirlwind, and I’m happy to say the woman I once was has helped build the woman I’m becoming. I have changed my circle, my career, my intentions, and I have found strength and comfort in a brand new life. Whew! In finding those words I realize it really has been a new lifetime time since I last checked in.

I started this year determined to grow in a new direction and get myself on the path to a new future. I have shed friends, belongings, and fears, but one thing I have shed few of is tears. I have been open and honest about grief over my mom’s death, the great impetus for my change, and that honesty to myself and others has been demonstratively healing. I let myself rest when rest was needed, I worked when work was needed, and I even ate when, well, maybe it wasn’t all needed. I experienced new countries, new loves, new jobs, and I now find myself in that new chapter I was determined to get to. It doesn’t happen all at once though, and I haven’t “arrived” at my final destination. In fact, I hope this is all a journey with no end!

So now what? What’s next on the agenda?

I have some major work to accomplish before a big change in my new career. I have office weight to lose to be a little happier. I have 3 shows left before my Christmas break. There’s some fun to be had and great love to be found. Haha, I guess that sums it up.

A month ago, my boss took me out to lunch to go over an extensive list of things I needed to take care of while he was on a three week vacation. After working side by side for only eight months he trusts me as HR leader, Executive Assistant, and pretty much with any hat that’s offered. I admire his respectable work/life balance and leadership. He questioned my balance at that time. “There are years to rest, and there are years to hustle.” I answered. “This is a year to hustle. When it is time to slow down a little, I will know.” Even since that conversation, life has changed, but my faith in seeing the bigger picture remains.

Today is November 11th. Tomorrow is the anniversary of my first new life, the day I was adopted. We call it may Airplane Day because I arrived, not from being birthed, but on an airplane at JFK airport. Today seemed like an appropriate time to reflect and set some new intentions in written words. I guess my life has always been about new chapters. It has always been about big changes. Maybe that is my ultimate destiny: to experience, facilitate, and teach change. Thanks for growing with me. I hope we can all change for the better! Love.

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