Self Care & Self Love

Happy March, Successfully-Single readers! Thank you so much for your amazing support and encouragement of my blogging journey. Successfully-Single has reached 12 countries, 3 continents, has had 254 visitors, and over 650 views in just two and half months! I appreciate each and every single one of you for joining me, and I hope to continue to inspire you and encourage your feedback!

January and February were some of the most intense months for me on matters of the heart, work, and future planning. You may have noticed I haven’t blogged in many weeks, and it has been weighing on my soul to not only honor my commitment to blog regularly, but also share all of the amazing and challenging things happening in my life. All of my previous posts have been topics and words that have flowed naturally out of my heart and mind, and I’ve been stumbling over what to write about next. Today, it is starting to flow once again!

I am inspired by the quote, “Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery. Today is a gift. That’s why they call it the present.” As I reflect on the most difficult parts of the past two month for me, I am humbled to sit, breathe, and realize this present moment is so important and so easily taken advantage of. I have been so diligent with my New Year’s goal to take care of my body by going to yoga, but I lost sight of the real goal which was an internal change! I am seeing measurable progress in my head stands, poses, stamina, etc, but my obsession in seeing that tangible physical progress has left my mind and spirit in the dust. REGROUP!!! Today, my set intention in class was SELF CARE & SELF LOVE – to truly live each breath and each moment for my spirit and soul. My class was both rejuvenating and filled my heart with love, and now here I am, sharing that with you! After all, as I’ve said in previous posts, if you can’t love and take care of yourself, how can you possibly go out into the world, love others, and make a difference?!

All of the great work, amazing changes, and bright energy we put out into the universe must start from within. It is so easy to get caught up in our busy schedules, the lives of our loved ones, heartaches, drama, etc, that we often forget to take care of ourselves. I challenge you to let go of your responsibilities, worries, to do lists, and obligations for one hour today. Show yourself love. Be grateful for the breath that fills you lungs. Do something truly caring for your soul. And then get back to the crazy. I guarantee it won’t feel as crazy when you return.

Thank you once again for following me on my journey. I hope I have sparked some inspiration in your day and maybe even your lives. As Tony Bennett sang, “The best is yet to come…”

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